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What kind of bird layed these eggs? Click Here

Find the hummingbird hawk moth.

What made these holes and why? Click Here

What kind of insect will I grow to be? Click Here

Find the toad.

What plant makes these berries? Click Here



This page has sites for fun things to download - picture pages, nature crafts, games, etc.

Also find great sites with fun facts, live nature cams, and resources for the classroom.

----------MOSTLY FOR KIDS----------

DNR EEK Nature ...Cool Stuff to do and make!


Wisconsin DNR: EEK

A great site with interesting information on the trees and plants of Wisconsin.

Posters, activites.

Interesting information on underground insects and worms. Activities, guides.

origami frog, frog facts, virtual frog, field guide

Frog game, interactive, frog songs, picture matching

Interactive nature journal, keep track of animals and plants you saw while hiking.




--------MOSTLY FOR TEACHERS--------

Further resources about phenology and how it can be used in the classroom.

Kinder Nature, resource for early childhood educators, activites, props, and more.

The great backyard bird count.

Online bird guides, live nest cams.

Wonderful site for teaching tools, pictures, identification, down load coloring pages.

Teachers guide, curriculm, outdoors/birds/science, resource kits, CD-Roms and more.

Central Wisconsin Enviromental Station - Nature Navigator

Similar site from Amherst Junction near UW Stevens Point



Wisconsin K-12 Forestry Education Program

This site includes a tree key, fact sheets, and simple informaiton on Wisconsin species.

All about fish!

Big World of Spiders, Insects and Bugs - 26, 15 min. video programs and lesson plans


Check out more resources in the What Did I See? Resource section.